Debt Warehousing Letters from Revenue Commissioners

The deadline for engaging with the Revenue Commissioners in respect of warehoused debt is 1 May 2024.  The Revenue Commissioners have issued letters to taxpayers (to the taxpayers ROS Inbox) in relation to their warehoused debt and the letters explain to the taxpayers the action required by them to arrange the repayment of their tax liabilities.   The Revenue Commissioners have not issued the letters to the taxpayer’s tax agent.

The letter states the amount of tax in the Debt Warehousing Scheme, a breakdown of the tax debt and the options available to the taxpayer.  The Phased Payment Arrangement (PPA) is one such options and the PPA application must be submitted on ROS now in advance of 1 May 2024 to allow time to agree a payment plan suitable to the business circumstances.

The Revenue Commissioners have issued a separate letter has issued to taxpayers with warehoused debt of less than €500 as PPAs are not available in these cases.

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